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This page is dedicated to my uncle Gerald and his passion for life and music.
We lost his beautiful smile in 1978, the year before I was born. He left us at the early age of 40, and I never had the chance to know his bright personality or talk to him about the things close to him: traveling, taking pictures and the music that he loved so much, just as I do. A few years ago I rediscovered a number of slides and negatives that he had taken in his personal travels. I remembered them vaguely from when I was younger, but upon viewing them again I realized just how special some of them are, and how much of a previously unnoticed but natural connection I have to the man he was.
I believe Gerald would be amazed at how many others one person can reach through the internet and how easily we can share our ideas and visions with each other all over the world. Therefore I want to make this page his and present his snapshots as the works of art they are, and show a little bit of the world as he saw it through his eyes.


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